InfraVue is an Australian developed software solution for Thermographic Image analysis.

InfraVue is designed to be an accurate, easy to use package to enable engineers, consultants and scientists to analyse and effectively utilise the enormous amount of digital data produced by modern infrared scanners.

Developed in and supported from Australia, InfraVue, which was first released in 1991, has evolved in direct response to the requirements of and input from users, Australia wide and internationally.

The modular format of the software enables users to virtually customise the package to their own requirements. InfraVue includes all the standard features for thermographic analysis software, plus innovative new features in response to industry requirements.

InfraVue supports conventional reporting and documenting through colour and video printers, and paperless, electronic reporting in a multi-media style of presentation.

Low cost "client copies" enables other departments or clients to view and perform some analysis on images, whilst preventing modification of the files, thus retaining data integrity.

Further confidentiality and security can be obtained if required by keying the images to intelligent hardware protection.

InfraVue is written from a users perspective, for users. Technical support is available directly through the developers, and specialised requirements for additional features not already included can be arranged.

This product is currently in use in the following areas:

Electronic reporting:
Printer support:


3-D views:
File Selection:
Mouse support

Will run without Windows

Math & related Functions:
Distance Measurement:
Fast in-the-field User Upgradable

Online Tutorials

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